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A Naturopathic Physician is a health professional who profoundly understands the connection between genetic, lifestyle, diet, environmental and emotional influences on wellbeing. It is this understanding together with the latest evidence-based treatments that make the Naturopath an expert in the area of preventative and anti-ageing medicine.

During the consultation, we:
Discuss your health concerns and establish your desired outcome
Take a full medical and lifestyle history including dietary habits
Conduct a physical assessment including blood pressure, weight, height, muscle mass etc
Review existing pathology results or send for further laboratory testing
Discuss treatment options
Prescribe lifestyle, dietary and nutritional/herbal supplements
Review consultation and treatment progress
Refer to other health professionals when required

Common conditions we review:
General Wellbeing weight management, fatigue, insomnia, stress, anxiety, headaches.
Women's Health menopause, PMS, fertility, thrush, urinary tract infections.
Digestive Health detox, constipation, irritable bowl syndrome, bloating, reflux.
Immune System colds, flu, recurring infections, hay fever, asthma, sinusitis.
Skin Disorders acne, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis.
Cardiac & Blood Sugar cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, blood pressure.
Musculoskeletal Conditions aches and pains, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries.
Men's Health benign prostatic enlargement, poor libido, general wellbeing.

Diagnostics & Tests
Food Allergy Testing in-clinic spot tests and blood collection.
Blood Tests general, cholesterol and nutritional status including Iron, Vit D, CoQ10.
Hair Analysis heavy metal toxicity.
DNA Testing family history, lactose, fructose.
Breath Testing lactose, fructose.
Saliva & Urine Testing hormonal status.

Dispensary and Practitioner Supplements
A wide variety of nutritional supplements are now freely available from healthfood shops, on-line supermarkets, chemists, and multi-level marketing schemes. In this increasingly fragmented marketplace people have ready access to supplements and vitamins, but are not always sure about the quality of these products, and can be even less confident that they are using the right supplement with the right application for them.

By talking to a Naturopath about your supplements you can be assured about the following...

1. That you are getting the right advice - for example, about prescription, dosage, and interaction with any drugs you might be taking.
2. That you are getting a high quality value-for-money supplement of therapeutic strength.
3. That such supplements comply to strict manufacturing standards as outlined by the Australian government TGA.

HICAPS and Health Funds
Naturopathic consultations are covered by most "extras" health insurance funds. Please check with your appropriate provider for your level of cover. Accounts are settled at the end of the consultation. EFTPOS facilities are also available.

Your private health card must be presented at time of appointments otherwise the full fee will be charged and any rebates will need to be claimed manually.
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